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as you drive through the traffic does look good as you get up to the downtown oakland area. also we are looking at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along very nicely at the toll plaza. it's 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> over night news a car involved in a high speed chase through alameda county might be connected to a shooting in hayward. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us from hayward with more on this possible connection. tara. >> reporter: this is where police say that an innocent bystander could have been killed in a drive by shooting. right now police are looking at surveillance video from that gas station to see if it provides more clues. authorities believe the suspect involved in this shooting is who led them on a child chase just hours later. our cameras caught the high speed chase north on 880 through oakland late last night. police tried to pull the driver over in hayward just after 11:00 for a dui in reckless driving. the car ended up spinning out of control. police cars smashed into it to box the driver in and arrest him. officers say peopl
so he can reenter a center >>> blasting back to oakland. the rocket ship has been a popular site. the ship was designed by an organization of artists funded by private doners the next display has not been determined. >> we all like sal >> just about to go to the other room. i will be back. >> i will be back. >> good morning. let's look at the commute now traffic looking good around the bay area. this is a look at the freeway and it's looking good all the way to berkeley it's a good time to be driving and the roads are relatively dry. it's dry and clear. the morning commute, westbound bay bridge, that traffic looked good with no problems, san jose looks good up to highway 17. maybe have to wait until next week before any rain comes back in. there's a possibility. you have to almost believe the ones that say no because that's how it's been there was a breeze, i apologize, i wave the white flag. 30s for a few, but a lot of 40s. the breeze has kicked in especially for sfo and more of a westerly breeze northerly breeze to 17. it's going to be a sunny day, once again, everything is loc
if traffic is picking up as we toss to sal. >>> good morning. there's a report of an accident on oakland city streets on 27th street, martin luther king way. that is right outside the hospital there, so we'll see what's going on, but that's just the first report on their way to check it out. let's take a look at the commute on 80 westbound, it looks good as you drive through. no major problems getting out to the macarthur maze into the toll plaza. it's light. no problems starting the morning. traffic continues to look good. this morning's drive in san jose off to a good start, northbound 280 traffic is moving nicely. now here is rosemary. >> good morning. be prepared for perhaps a slow drive through santa rosa, sonoma, petaluma, visibility is down to 1/4 of a mile this morning. seeing it along the coastline as well. what do you notice? no 30s this morning! 41 in napa, 5 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa 41, 50 in oakland. 50 half moon bay. half moon bay overcast skies, fog, visibility about 5 miles outside your door. if i back this up, i'm going to show you the ridge of high pres
an ipad and cell phone were stolen but one of the gadget hearsay gps. police tracked it to oakland and found the stolen goods under a parked car and returned them to the victims. we'll have a live report on the search for the suspects coming up. >> an overnight tragedy in san jose. someone crossing a highway killed by a car. the victim was crossing highway 237 when the car hit them. the driver of the car did stop and call police. the victim died at the scene. the crash closed eastbound lane of the highway for about three hours. >> time sunning out. this morning, people living at a large home less camp in san jose will be forced out. ktvu channel 2 reporter is back at the camp this morning and still pretty crowded out there. >> you know it's hard to tell because it's dark. you can see there's tents out here. one gentleman living in that tent has their car parked out here. at the height of this there was about 120 people living out here. some have been slowly leaving the past couple of days but some are still holding their ground and time sunning out for them. we were at the camp yes
. wide spread 40s around oakland and san francisco down into the south bay. along the peninsula. foster city checking in right about 42. mid 40s in belmont. so for some it's a chilly start. for others not too bad. our temperatures will begin to rebound right after sunrise. now right about 7:30. rather than 6:30. like where we landed on friday morning. a look at the afternoon highs. 70 in oakland. 69 redwood city. mid 60s in san francisco. notice the coast low 60s for pacifica. again that patchy fog going to hang on at least through the morning hours. the extended forecast showing you the warming trend continues tuesday and wednesday. getting into thursday. partly cloudy skies. high clouds in the forecast for thursday. we do remain dry as we get into the weekend. temperatures will fall off just a bit. upper 50s to low 60s. and again we'll be dry. back to the desk. >> thanks rosemary. >>> time is 5:08. the storm in the sierra proved to be a big business. big business for california ski resorts. the storm got 26 inches of new snow from the storm and slopes were packed. ski season got off t
with local reaction. >> reporter: it's still quiet in oakland, weekday mass starts at 7:10 this morning. so many in the bay area watched and followed the election of pope francis at the vatican a day ago, local residents learned of his prior work as arch beneficiary off of buenos aires, his work with the poor, the first pope from latin america. he will be contending with controversial social issues of the west, such as gay marriage, women's rights, abortion and contraception. some hope he will bring much needed change to the catholic church. others say don't expect too much in terms of a shift on many hot button social issues. >> he takes a bus to work, said no to the papal palace, his real solidarity is with the poor. he's on the social justice issues but firm in the teaching of the church on the full issues, like gay marriage, abortion, contraception, which i know is not what a lot of people want to see. >> reporter: for so many catholics the election was a time of celebration that will feature in masses today around the bay area, including a special thanksgiving mass at st. mary's in san
mall since the first of the year. san francisco january and december fifth driest. oakland driest since 1948. santa cruz 1.22. that is the driest since 1893. today after the fog it will be sunny. it's almost a summertime pattern. water temps are very cool. upper 40s and low 50s. inland temps warm up a little bit. that's all it takes. maybe that is a sign of things to come. patchy fog but sunny and warm away from the coast. very mild. 30s and 40s to almost 50 degrees on the temps. some locations are running muggy kind of clammy as our observer dave says. a lot of humidity in here. so fog, sun it will be mild to warm. especially away from the coast. not bad by it. 50s and 60s and upper 50s and low to mid 70s. santa cruz looks good. fog and increasing high clouds saturday into early sunday. clearing okay monday and turning cloudy. >>> time now 5:11. a scary bizarre story in florida. much more on what investigators know about a man who was swallowed up by a sink hole. >>> vallejo police are investigating the city's third homicide of the year. what they are saying about a deadly daytime atta
is going to be moving well on westbound 24 as you drive through between walnut creek and oakland through the tunnel. let's go back to the desk. glance we are continuing to follow that breaking news in san francisco where a driver lost control and plowed right into a house in the bay view hunters point neighborhood. tara moriarty just spoke with a woman who lives in that house. it was quite a wakeup call. tara. >> reporter: it really was. the people who live here thought an earthquake had just struck. you can see on the side of the house where the damage is there is a hole there through the rock and it goes into the garage. police according to them it was most likely a drunk driver. at 4:00 this morning the driver slammed into the home on the corner. witnesses couldn't tell if the person was a man or woman but they appeared to if latino or pacific islander. the impact of the crash was enough to put a hole through the house and damage items inside the garage. >> reporter: was it scary? >> yes. my daughter came running into the room talking about there's an earthquake and she wanted to get
in the north bay. santa rosa visibility there three quarter of a mile. latest observation at oakland 1/8 of a mile. the fog still hugging parts of the shoreline. extending out toward berkeley and richmond. in the afternoon hours we will warm things up. that will translate to a few spots approaching the 80-degree mark this afternoon. the cooler end of the temperature range right near the immediate shoreline. there's our forecast model in the short term show you the dense fog between now and 10:00. and then into the afternoon hours still picking up a few left over patches from parts of the coastline. this forecast model clears it out completely. we could have a few left over patches. 8:00 this morning areas of fog 42-52 degrees. relatively clear skies well inland. by 12:00 still patchy coastal fog. and 3:00 mild to warm. there is the eventual temperature range and a few low 80s showing up. brentwood we will go to 80. san jose a forecast high of 76. and look at gilroy 80 degrees. look ahead your five-day forecast a little cooler for your thursday. no major changes with partly sunny skies
will notice the sniffling and freezing. there is no rain in the forecast. 50 degrees today in oakland. or right now in oakland. 39 in napa. that is chilly. but it will warm up today. daytime highs will warm up nicely. there is wind out there. it's not blowing that hard yet. half-moon bay airport is coming in at calm. this afternoon it will feel like a springtime day. what do i mean by that? wind gusts 15-20 miles an hour around the bay. that is pretty typical too. forecast highs and 70 today. this is your friday highs. your saturday highs are coming up. south bay temperatures check them out. you can have plenty of warmth. it will be a really nice day. it's friday. what else can you ask for? when i come back i have a five- day forecast. there is a chance for rain out there. we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. >>> 5:10 is the time right now. a passenger arrested for impersonating a pilot. find out how he slipped into the cockpit of a plane bound for florida. >>> the city of sacramento tries to beat the buzzard. >>> good morning. southbound 101 you can see marin county coming do
vacaville fairfield all the way from he berkeley to oakland and that looks good, of course we watch, it affect is the entire eastbound commute. it starts off right through downtown and getting up into the silicone valley. >>> well, i am mostly clear and it is on the way for tuesday and wednesday morning and afternoon and one system is in and out and we can't get everything established as far as a witnesser pattern. everything has been locked in for the longest time. highs today 60s and 70s and inland temperatures will be mild to warm. we will have more on the way to increasing clouds and holding into wednesday morning. this is our forecast and by tuesday afternoon it starts to move. a quarter of an inch is starting to move and there is not much rain. 40s and 50s, novato had rain last time and some of these increasing clouds will filter in. it will be a cool morning for some, 660s to antioch. 68 los gatos, looks good for thursday and temperatures are back to a dry pattern and lows will be on the cool side. >>> 5:08, we do have information in a police shooting in the american canyon.
day for the oakland tribune and it is spring. many had to wear rain gear for the dominican republic and puerto rico. it is a soggy lack luster winter and it is only two thirds of where it usually is. fans appreciated the rain but thought the timing was off. >> we looked at the weather report and we were very disappointed because it has been nice the entire week but that's okay because we need it. >> reporter: we got a good amount of rain around dinner time and this morning you should see more rain off and on throughout your commute and steve paulson will much of more in your forecast and tomorrow is looking dry. >> steve paulson will have your complete forecast in just a minute and don't forget you can get your latest information on and click on weather. >>> he is now facing federal charges. andre franklin was arrested march 3rd accused of stealing a rear gold jewelry box and now he is accused of selling the jewelry box to a business owner and demanding $10,000. franklin told the man who he would turn the man into police if he did not pay up. >>> they are warning about
in oakland. 43 in napa. most of us off to a cooler start. afternoon highs 70 in oakland. 66 san francisco. low 70s in san jose. if you do get better -- maybe even a tad warmer with the sunshine. there is the weekend in view. low 70s in the forecast. we're dry monday and tuesday but rain is on the way. i'm going to show you that forecast model coming up. >>> keep seals safe. baby seals will born at bay area beaches now through june. and marine biologists are reminding them to call the marine mammal center. people in pets reporting to stay at least 50 feet away from seals. >>> new details of the death of a san jose biker. why police are searching for clues and why they want your help. >>> new development in the benghazi terror attack. >>> good morning. westbound 24 as you drive up to the tunnel between walnut creek and oakland we have good looking traffic. but we have new traffic troubles around the bay. >>> time now 5:13. new developments in last september's terror attack in benghazi libya. they stormed the american consulate there. killing four americans. now there are reports that a susp
and oakland and it is windy everywhere, but 5:02, let's go back to the desk, again the win will get your attention. >>> san francisco s.w.a.t. teams are at the scene of a barricade situation. police said two suspects involved in a robbery and he medical marijuana are bear dated in a building. alex is headed to the scene and he will bring us a report in just a couple of minutes. >>> the suspect barricaded himself inside the room and started a fire. tara moriarty has more from the medical center. >> imagine coming here for help and then you find another patient is reportedly on the loose with a knife. >> reporter: that is what happened around 11:00 last night. the patient became disgruntled and barricaded himself inside a room and set a small fire inside. they evacuated patients to a different floor and a police negotiating talked him into surrendering with in two hours. >> they immediately strange into -- sprang into action and started evacuations. >> reporter: the fire caused minimal damage and nobody was injured in the candorred the suspect will undergo a mental evaluation. >>> incredib
an update on that, good morning sal. >>> westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland nice looking drive no major problems and traffic also looks good on the sunole grade heading to 680 south, let's go back to the desk. >>> police sergeant loren butler worked as a patrol officer and hostage negotiator. janine de la vega is in san jose where the memorial will be held at the hp pavilion but we begin with claudine wong in santa cruz. >> reporter: good morning, yes the procession will start from behind me and there has been a lot of activity within the last half hour when we last checked in. search and rescue will be preparing for what will be this enormous procession that will go from here to san jose. it will start here and go to 8:45 and already we have an estimated 200 vehicles lining the streets to the 33-mile journey where tens of thousands will say goodbye. fellow officers and family had a private viewing and many were able to say goodbye at the funeral home. they have been guarding the officers around the clock honoring their life and service. the healing process has begun but it wil
, it looks good so far. 5:06 let's go to steve. >>> downtown oakland, some local drizzle around, light rain, not widespread, everybody says cloudy on the temperatures, occasionally some of rain shows up but it is below the radar beams so the radar does not pick it up but it is there. from the west southwest, that will give us a mild tropical field but if you can get some sun today, 50s on the lows and oakland really mild. starting to turn more south/southeast and that makes sense in the event of a low and still we have northerly components and some of that rain is being picked up by santa cruz mountains and you can see highway 17 and across the santa cruz coast and along highway 24, orinda and picking it up near the caldecott. 42 in tahoe and some temperatures have definitely been coming up and everybody is in on this mild air mass. we need the low to get over us to get the dynamics and it will cloud us up, morning rain for us, a light drizzle or mist, 60s to lower 70s, very mild, if you get sun, you can rocket passed these, breezy warm on friday, it looks like rain sunday, showers monday a
at walnut creek and oakland, at 5:00, we are off to a good start, let's go to the desk. >>> sal legs savage is -- alex savage is live in alameda where firefighters are battling an early morning flame. >> reporter: yes the fire broke out in some of the apartments on the upper floors in this apartment building and you can see firefighters are trying to gain control of this fire which is a very stubborn fire and we have not seen any flames for some time. what we have seen is portions of the building actually falling down to the ground and firefighters have talked about the danger of a possible collapse here and so far we have not heard of any reports there. latter trucks have been brought in as you can see to try and get water from up above and let me show you what it looks like. this is a building at park street in alameda and it started on the upper level. it started on a dark a closing area and a short time ago we spoke to a man who lives in the building, he woke up found out there was a fire and got out with his two children. >> i have lived there for five years and for me it was hard to b
night. right now 35 in napa, and we have a chilly start for you 46 in oakland and mountain view, upper 60s for the afternoon today and again the rain is not coming in until this evening and it will be with us thursday and we are driving out in time for thursday, there it is in view for you and meanwhile, temperatures will fall back to the mid-to-upper 50s for the afternoon. back to you. >>> time now 510. how google may be playing a part by lighting the flame by practices on its website. >>> new details about a kidnapping and a fatal officer involved shooting, what was found in an officer's car and what new information the autopsy revealed. >>> we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, the morning commute is looking good. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ]
of san francisco's revitalized neighborhood. >>> time now 5:08. oakland police searching for a possible child predator this morning and they hope a surveillance video will help them catch him. here's that video. it shows a man talking on a cell phone and pacing on the sidewalk at 94th avenue and b- street. the man walked into the front yard of a home and tried to abduct a nine-year-old girl. when the child started screaming, family members and neighbors rushed outside. police say that man escaped in a silver honda. >>> there will be more bart police patrols at the richmond bart station. that is following month's deadly shooting. you will see one bart police officer during the station at the peak of the morning and afternoon commutes. richmond police will also patrol that station. they will even be riding the trains. the increased patrols are coming after the fatal shooting of a man on march 14th. police are still searching for that killer. >>> 5:09 is the time. time to check back in with sal. how are things looking? >> it's looking good. it's the first day without toll takers that are h
is a among 130 nations at the ceremony. >>> this morning oakland police continue to search for an armed man. they were called to the west lake area after receiving reports of an armed robbery. they conducted a manhunt and officers used a taser to arrest one man but one man got away. police believe he may still be carrying a weapon. >>> they are learning more about a homicide investigation scene. police made two arrests and it happened near a home where an elderly man was found shot to death on sunday. it is the 6th homicide in vallejo this year. >>> oakland police are switching and expanding to a policing plan. jordan said they will divide the city into districts led by captains. it will allow them to build stronger ties in connection and it will allow them to use an understaffed area. it will soon be illegal to light up a cigarette in three palo alto parks. they are considering a recommendation at sarah wallace park. the city has received a lot of complaints about smoking and littering at those parks. they have received a "d" rating because of its smoking policies. >>> and a ban for electr
it will not be as warm. 51 oakland, 51 san jose, 48 redwood city in there as well. temperatures are held up there stuck and last week it was all wrong and that will really keep that cloud deck in place. it looks good and it's going to go over right about to here and the front will people here tuesday low, low overcast in the morning, fog sun breezy and that will not go far from the coast. clouds roll in and we have rain into thursday and then breezy, looking good and back into the 40s. >>> the japanese company who makes the batteries for the dreamliner is working closely with boeing. they are working around the clock to make the batteries safe. all dream liners are still grounded. they have uncovered a fraudulent scheme to test engine parts. whitney control parts falsified test results but they found the metal parts did not post a safety hazard. >>> gas prices went up, 14.25 and gas is about a nickle more in southern california and along the southern coast. >>> fall out where a nurse refused to give cpr over a dying woman. plus, there is shock over why they did not try to save her life. >>> and we have
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